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In a dynamic market place where business processes are constantly changing, the ability to react immediately to ever changing customer needs, is of prime importance.


ACMI Key points:

  • Dynamic
  • Flexible
  • Long and Short terms
  • Tailor-made solutions to clients' needs



  • Aircraft
  • Crew
  • Maintenance
  • Aircraft and crew insurance


Not included:

Direct Operating Costs (DOC’s)

Unless otherwise agreed in the ACMI Lease, Lessee will be responsible for all expenses related to the operation of the  Aircraft, which will include, but are not limited to the following:

(a) accommodation, including breakfast if the accommodation is a hotel, at the airport the Aircraft is based or suitable furnished accommodation previously approved by Lessor and ground transport for Lessor's crews (including any visiting check and training personnel), mechanics and other operational staff and ground personnel between the place of accommodation / residence and the airport at which the Aircraft is based, and ground transport for crew and engineers when on duty whether at or away from the Base;

(b) positioning of aircrew and ground personnel in relation to the flights to/from the airport at which the Aircraft are based, and any other duty travel (included in connection with personnel replacement), all visas, airside passes and work permits, when required;

(c) arranging for airside access and transport for Lessor's Maintenance and Operations personnel at the airport at which the Aircraft is based;

(d) suitable office accommodation and crew-briefing room with telephone, facsimile and Internet connection (including all connection fees and software) for Lessor's technical and administration personnel at the operational base at the airport at which the Aircraft is based;

(e) suitable, secure, clean, air-conditioned and lockable storage space for spare parts, at the airport at which the Aircraft is based;

(f) an experienced operations liaison representative of Lessee to liaise with Lessor and Operational Assistance at all stations in respect of all matters in connection with the operation of the Aircraft and the flights;

(g) any and all taxes, fees, security charges and related charges which are assessed on a per passenger basis or based on air revenue (excluding taxes based on the net income of the Lessor) which are imposed by any Government Entity or airport authority, including, but not limited to, departure taxes, head taxes, excise taxes and ticket taxes and air passenger duty;

(h) screening of passengers, baggage, mail and cargo, and all passenger taxes, security charges and related charges and fines, Custom and Immigration charges and related inspection fees

(i) any and all customs, immigration and inspection fees or charges, including per passenger fees, overtime charges and services charges imposed by any Government Entity;

(j) procure and maintain insurance as stated in clause 21;

(k) procure and provide all documentation and approvals to be obtained in relation to Operations, including all applicable government and regulatory requirements for Operations;

(l) cabin crew uniforms if required;

(m) marketing, sales, ticketing and check-in;

(n) free of charge freight on Lessee’s flight for spares required to maintain the Aircraft, on the Lessee's airline route structure and on airlines with which the Lessee maintains a reciprocal agreement; and

(o) other Direct Operating Costs, including but not limited to the items listed as follows:

(i) FUEL and re-fuelling/de-fuelling operations (including personnel to check and verify the delivered fuel quantity and quality and supply of fluid replenishment), fuels, hydraulic fluids, deicing fluid, lubricants and all maintenance fluids and gasses and in plane services of fuel, lubricants and other fluids, nitrogen and oxygen for the operation of the Aircraft; including oil for hydraulic and engines.

(ii) ground handling and security at all locations serviced by the Aircraft, including passenger, baggage, mail, cargo and crew handling (including baggage mail and cargo storage, loading and unloading the Aircraft) and securing Aircraft doors before take-off, and terminal and facility security in connection with Operations;

(iii) the provision of labor and suitable equipment at all locations serviced by the Aircraft to perform apron service including, but not limited to, servicing of Aircraft toilets, air oxygen and fluids, marshalling, chock, ground power during scheduled transit time, de-icing, engine starting, fire fighting, heating and cooling, passengers and crew steps, water replenishment and ground to cockpit communications;

(iv) interior and exterior cleaning and serviceability of Aircraft to accepted international airline standards, including replacement of missing life jackets, cleaning or replacement of seat covers and cleaning of carpets, as well as repair of and replacement of movable  emergency equipment and fittings.

(v) landing and all airport charges and taxes;

(vi) aircraft parking, hangar at the Base, towing and security, qualified ground personnel to assist with Aircraft movement, push back, tugs, tow bar and qualified personnel for taxi-in and push-out procedures;

(vii) over flight charges and any other route navigation charges, including ATC, traffic rights, over-fly and other Air Traffic Control and en route navigation charges incurred by Lessor in connection with the operation of the Aircraft for the flights;

(viii) airport taxes, ail passenger related taxes and security taxes;

(ix) customs, immigration and inspection fees related to Aircraft operations or supplies;

(x) all catering for the passengers and cockpit and crew with one meal-set and snack, as well as soft drinks per flight segment per crew member;

(xi) all in-flight service materials and dry goods including but not limited to In-Flight- Entertainment content and headsets, safety-on-board cards, airsickness bags, blankets, pillows and headrest covers;

(xii) weather, NOTAMS, all load/trim services, dispatch and Flight Planning services by qualified personnel;

(xiii) cost of positioning of the Aircraft to the Base and Redelivery of the Aircraft;

(xiv) aircraft decals, repairs due to acts of Lessee, Lessee's contractors or agents or passengers, stolen or damaged parts;

(xv) ATC,eurocontrol or any air traffic control fees and taxes;

(xvi) any and all other reasonable direct operating cost incurred in the performance of the flights, whether or not listed above, and for which Lessee has given a prior approval Charges for all DOCs shall be paid directly by the Lessee and in those cases where such DOCs are invoiced to the Lessor then the Lessor will re-invoice the Lessee who will make an immediate payment to the Lessor.


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